How To Deactivate Doordash Account Driver Merchant]

How To Deactivate Doordash Account [Driver/Merchant]

Do you no longer wish to be affiliated with DoorDash and are looking for ways to delete or deactivate your account? If so, then you will find the information provided in this blog post incredibly useful. Here we’ll explain how anyone can easily deactivate a DoorDash dasher account as well as dasher or merchant accounts associated with DoorDash’s business services. We’ll also provide some additional resources for individuals who may have already deleted their accounts but would like access to certain features again in the future. Read on to learn more about how you can go about safely deleting or disabling your Doordash profile today.

Understand the Difference Between Deactivating and Deleting Your DoorDash Account

Deactivating and deleting your DoorDash account are two distinct actions that have different implications. When you deactivate your account, it’s simply put on hold. This means that your account information and history are preserved, but you won’t be able to access or use the service. If you decide to return to DoorDash in the future, you can easily reactivate your account by contacting customer support.

On the other hand, deleting your DoorDash account is a permanent decision. All of your account information and order history will be wiped out, and you’ll lose any associated credits or rewards. Unlike deactivation, you can’t reverse this action, so you’ll need to create a new account if you ever want to use DoorDash again. This option is best for those who have no intention of returning to the platform.

Tips To Prepare Before You Decide To Deactivate Your DoorDash Account

Make sure to consider below points before deactivating your Doordash account:

  1. Reflect on your reasons: Consider why you’re opting for deactivation rather than deletion. Is it a temporary break or a more permanent decision? Keep this in mind as you prepare.
  2. Redeem rewards: Make sure to utilize any outstanding rewards, credits, or promotional offers, as these will become inaccessible once your account is deactivated.
  3. Clear scheduled orders: Double-check for any upcoming orders and cancel them to avoid unexpected deliveries or charges during deactivation.
  4. Update payment info: Remove or update your saved payment methods to prevent accidental transactions or potential security issues.
  5. Inform connections: If you’ve referred friends or linked your account with others, notify them about your decision to deactivate. This way, they’ll know not to rely on your account for group orders or shared benefits.
  6. Save order history: If you want to retain a record of your past orders, take screenshots or jot down important details, as accessing this information will be impossible once your account is inactive.
  7. Prepare for reactivation: Lastly, familiarize yourself with the reactivation process. Should you decide to return to DoorDash, knowing how to reinstate your account will streamline the process.

Steps to Deactivate Doordash Driver Account

As a DoorDash Dasher, there might come a time when you need to take a break from delivering or decide to stop altogether. In such cases, deactivating your Dasher account is an appropriate step. To guide you through this process, we’ve outlined the necessary steps below.

  1. Access the Dasher app: Begin by opening the DoorDash Dasher app on your smartphone or tablet. Make sure you’re logged in to your account.
  2. Navigate to “Account Settings”: Tap the menu icon (usually displayed as three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the app. Then, select “Account Settings” from the list of options that appear.
  3. Choose “Help”: Within the “Account Settings” menu, locate and tap on the “Help” option. This will direct you to DoorDash’s support resources.
  4. Search for “Deactivate Account”: In the “Help” section, use the search bar to find information on deactivating your Dasher account. Type “Deactivate Account” and select the most relevant result.
  5. Follow the provided instructions: The search result will display an article outlining the steps to deactivate your account. Carefully read and follow the instructions. This may involve filling out a deactivation request form, sending an email to DoorDash support, or contacting them through the app.
  6. Confirm your decision: Be prepared to provide a reason for your account deactivation. DoorDash may ask you to confirm your decision before proceeding with the deactivation process.
  7. Await a response: After submitting your request, allow some time for DoorDash to process your deactivation. You should receive a confirmation email or in-app notification once the process is complete.

By following these steps, you can successfully deactivate your DoorDash Dasher account. Remember, if you ever decide to return to the platform, you’ll need to go through the reactivation process to resume your Dasher activities.

Steps to Deactivate Doordash Merchant Account

As a DoorDash Merchant, you might encounter situations where it’s necessary to temporarily or permanently deactivate your account. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of deactivating your DoorDash Merchant account, ensuring a smooth transition during this period.

  1. Log in to the Merchant Portal: Start by accessing the DoorDash Merchant Portal on your computer or mobile device. Enter your login credentials to access your account.
  2. Head to “Settings”: Once logged in, locate the “Settings” tab on the left side of the dashboard. Click on it to open the settings menu.
  3. Select “Account”: Within the “Settings” menu, click on the “Account” option. This will take you to the account management page.
  4. Find the “Deactivate Account” section: Scroll down until you locate the “Deactivate Account” section. Here, you’ll find information about deactivating your account and the potential implications of doing so.
  5. Submit a deactivation request: Depending on the portal’s layout, you may need to fill out a form or send an email to DoorDash support. Follow the provided instructions, specifying your reason for deactivation and any relevant details.
  6. Confirm your decision: DoorDash may ask for confirmation before proceeding with the deactivation. Ensure you’re ready to take this step, as it could impact your business operations on the platform.
  7. Await a response: After submitting your deactivation request, allow some time for DoorDash to process it. You should receive a confirmation via email or within the portal when your account has been successfully deactivated.

By following these steps, you can deactivate your DoorDash Merchant account. Keep in mind that if you wish to resume your partnership with DoorDash in the future, you’ll need to go through the reactivation process.

What Happens When You Deactivate Doordash Account?

When you deactivate your DoorDash account, several changes occur that impact your ability to use the platform. Firstly, your access to the service is restricted; you won’t be able to place orders, view your order history, or use any accumulated credits or rewards. Essentially, your account is put on hold, with your information and history preserved but inaccessible.

Furthermore, deactivation can affect your connections with other users. For instance, if you’ve participated in group orders or shared benefits with friends, those connections will be severed. Keep in mind that deactivation is reversible, so if you ever decide to return to DoorDash, you can reactivate your account by reaching out to customer support.


We hope that this blog post has been helpful in assisting you in deactivating your Doordash account whether you are a Dasher or Merchant. Of course, making the decision to deactivate an app from your life comes with mixed emotions, but reassuring yourself that there’s no permanent commitment and things can easily change if the current circumstances arise could be comforting.

Therefore, don’t forget to confirm all the details when both submitting and accepting delivery orders on Doordash, so expectations are accurately communicated between yourself and other users involved.

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