How To Add Bank Account To Doordash

How To Add Bank Account To Doordash

Are you a DoorDash driver looking for an easy way to add or update your bank account information? If so, you’ve come to the right place! With the help of this blog post, we’ll walk you through a few simple steps to have your new bank account linked and ready to go in no time. And that’s not all; we’ll also provide some handy tips on managing and protecting your data once it’s connected with DoorDash. So if you’re eager to get started, keep reading; it’s time to learn everything there is to know about adding or updating your bank account with Doordash.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add or Update Bank Account To Doordash

Accurate banking information is essential for timely payments, so follow these straightforward steps to ensure a smooth experience.

  1. Grant Camera Access: First, go to your device’s Settings and allow the Dasher app access to your camera.
  2. Open the Dasher App: Launch the app and head to the Earnings tab at the bottom.
  3. Access Bank Settings: Tap the red bank icon in the top right corner. You’ll see options to Add Bank Account or Update your current bank information.
  4. Enter Bank Account Details: Input your routing and account number (for the US) or branch, institution, and account number (for Canada). Ensure you provide a checking account, as DoorDash cannot deposit earnings into savings accounts.
  5. ID Verification: If adding a new bank account, the app will prompt you to take a photo of your ID for verification purposes.
  6. Two-Step Verification: You’ll receive a verification code via text message. Input the code in the app to confirm your account changes.
  7. Submission Confirmation: After tapping Submit, you’ll see a success message indicating your information has been updated.
  8. Monitor Payments: Check your bank account the second Wednesday after dashing to ensure payment transfer. If payment isn’t received, double-check your account details in the app.

Remember that Fast Pay will be unavailable for seven days following any changes to your debit card information. Keep an eye out for an email from titled “Dasher Bank Account Information Changed” whenever you update your banking details. If you receive this email without making changes, follow the instructions in the email to secure your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Doordash Not Accepting My Bank Account?

If DoorDash isn’t accepting your bank account, there could be a few reasons. First, double-check your entered information, ensuring it’s accurate and complete. Typos or missing digits in your account or routing numbers can lead to rejection.

Second, ensure you’re using a checking account, as DoorDash doesn’t deposit earnings into savings accounts. If you’ve provided a savings account, it’ll be rejected, and you’ll need to input the correct checking account details.

Lastly, it’s possible that your bank isn’t compatible with DoorDash’s payment processing system. In this case, it’s advisable to contact DoorDash support to clarify the issue and find a solution. They can help you navigate any compatibility concerns and guide you on adding an accepted bank account.

How Do I Get My Doordash Earnings Into My Bank Account?

To get your DoorDash earnings deposited into your bank account, you must set up direct deposit within the Dasher app. Begin by accessing the Earnings tab and clicking on the bank symbol in the top-right corner. From there, add your checking account information, routing, and account numbers. Be cautious with the details; incorrect information may delay or prevent your earnings from being deposited.

Once your bank account is set up and verified, DoorDash will automatically transfer your earnings every week for all deliveries completed during the previous week. Payments typically take 2-3 days to appear in your bank account, so you can expect to see your earnings by Wednesday night. Alternatively, you can use Fast Pay or DasherDirect (for US Dashers) to access your earnings more quickly, daily or after each dash.

In Closing

To sum things up, adding or updating a bank account to your Doordash account is easy but can get complicated if you don’t have the right information. By following the proper guidelines, you can quickly and easily add or update your bank account information so that you can make efficient and accurate payments. Overall, setting up a bank account on your Doordash is simple and provides many benefits to its users. If you run into any issues during the setup process or have any questions or concerns, be sure to refer to helpful online resources or contact customer service for assistance.

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