How To Avoid Doordash Fees

How To Avoid or Skip Additional Doordash Fees

Do you dread DoorDash fees every time you order your favourite food from a nearby restaurant? Well, worry no more – we’re here to explain how to avoid or skip costly door dash fees. DoorDash can be expensive and it may not always be worth the cost of delivery; however, when done strategically there are ways around these high costs that will help stretch your budget.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some clever tricks and tips so you don’t have to pay ridiculous fees just to get food delivered right to your doorstep! Whether you’re ordering one meal for yourself or planning a group event with friends and family present, knowing how to play the game of avoiding fee hikes is an essential part of maintaining a healthy bank balance. So let’s get started on learning how to save money while using DoorDash today!

Understanding the Additional Costs of DoorDash

When you order through DoorDash, you’re not just paying for the food. The total cost often includes a delivery fee, a tip for the delivery person, and sometimes, a markup on the actual price of the dishes. This can make your meal significantly more expensive than it would be if you purchased it directly from the restaurant.

Order Directly from the Restaurant

One effective way to bypass these additional DoorDash fees is by ordering directly from the restaurant’s website. This approach comes with several benefits:

  • No Delivery Fee: Many restaurants offer their delivery services, and when they do charge a fee, it’s often less than what you’d pay through a third-party service like DoorDash.
  • Lower Food Prices: Restaurants sometimes increase the price of items listed on DoorDash to cover the service’s commission. By ordering directly, you’re likely to get the actual in-store prices.
  • Same Delivery Service: Interestingly, even when you order through a restaurant’s website, the delivery might still be handled by DoorDash or a similar service. This means you get the same level of convenience and real-time updates on your order.

Check Before You Order

It’s important to note that this method doesn’t work universally. Some restaurants might not offer direct delivery, while others might still charge a delivery fee. Therefore, it always pays to spend a minute or two checking the restaurant’s website before placing your order through DoorDash.

Maximizing Savings and Rewards with Food Delivery Services

While avoiding DoorDash fees by ordering directly from restaurants is a great way to save money, there are additional strategies to maximize your savings and rewards when using food delivery services. This section can delve into tips such as using promo codes, taking advantage of loyalty programs, and leveraging credit card rewards specifically designed for food delivery services. Understanding these tactics can help you enjoy your favourite meals more often while keeping your budget in check.


By understanding how DoorDash and similar services charge for delivery and by being a bit more strategic about how you order, you can enjoy the convenience of food delivery without the extra fees. This simple switch to ordering directly from the restaurant can lead to significant savings, especially for frequent users of food delivery services.

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