How to Text Your Doordash Driver

How to Text Your Doordash Driver

Ordering food delivery through apps like Doordash has become extremely popular in recent years. The convenience of having restaurant meals arrive right at your door with just a few taps on your phone is hard to beat.

However, communication between customers and drivers isn’t always seamless. If you want to get in touch with your Dasher while your order is on the way, texting is often the easiest method. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how and when to text your Doordash driver.

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When You Should Text Your Driver

There are a few instances when it’s appropriate and helpful to text your delivery driver:

  • To provide gate codes or special instructions to find your address: If you have a complicated route to your door, live in an apartment complex, or have any other specifics that will help the driver locate you, text these details. This prevents frustration and ensures quick delivery.
  • If you need to change your delivery address: Accidents happen and plans change. If you need your order sent somewhere else, you can update your address in the app. But also text the driver with a heads up that you submitted a different delivery location.
  • If the app shows your order was picked up but your food is late: Sometimes technology fails and the Dasher app isn’t perfectly accurate with pickup notifications. Shoot the driver a polite message checking on an ETA if your order is very delayed beyond the estimated time.
  • To request additional items: As long as your order hasn’t already been picked up by the Dasher, you can add extra items through the Doordash app or website. Texting the driver directly about new items can work too, but the request may be missed if they don’t see the message right away.
  • To give a cash tip: If you want to tip your delivery driver in cash at the door, send them a text. This allows them to expect a cash gratuity and prevent potential confusion or awkwardness when they arrive. Even a quick “I’ll have a tip for you, thanks!” text is helpful.
  • If there are any other special requests or needs: Within reason, your Dasher wants your food delivery to go smoothly. So if you require something specific like condiments or utensils, a text message before they depart lets them know to accommodate you.

Guide to Text Your Doordash Driver

Just follow the below process to contact your Doordash Driver

Locate Your Driver’s Digits

Before firing off texts, you’ll need to detective out your driver’s phone number. Open up your merchant POS system and click on the Delivery Mode or Orders Hub screens. Search for your recent DoorDash order by name, number or time placed. Select this order and note the unique number pairing you with a Dasher. Copy down the driver’s designated phone number listed next to their ID. This connects you directly to the courier assigned to your delivery.

Introduce Yourself

Now you have the digits to reach your driver! When texting them for the first time, start by introducing yourself. Give your Dasher your name and precise delivery address included with your order. Listing any business names is also helpful if you order from an office. This allows your driver to instantly recognize who you are regarding the delivery. Starting cordially sets the tone for smooth communication.

Provide Clear Directions

Once pleasantries are exchanged, feel free to text over any instructions to simplify finding your address. Supply gate codes for secured buildings and communities if applicable. Apartment and office suite numbers are also crucial for drivers to locate your exact unit or floor. You can also note special landmarks like colours of houses, car models parked out front or yard features to steer hungry Dashers in the right direction.

Confirm Important Info Landed

After sending vital access codes or location specifics, have your driver confirm the details. A simple “Got it!” text back assures your instructions on that complicated apartment maze were clear. Following up is key to guaranteeing no food deliveries get lost wandering around your complex!

Use a Courteous Tone

While texting logistics, be sure to maintain a polite, patient tone in messages. Drivers are juggling multiple orders and timelines. Aggressive demands or rude language only enhances existing stress. Showing basic understanding and kindness helps create a five-star experience for both of you!

Follow Up With Any Issues

Of course, we hope everything goes smoothly! But if your order ends up distressingly late or is a no-show altogether, promptly call DoorDash support. Describe the problems to get assistance and have your case properly recorded if credits or refunds are required. They can determine if GPS glitches, traffic or other system errors caused the delays.

Texting your Dasher thoughtfully is vital to seamless deliveries. With excellent communication, your piping hot meal arrives rapidly and safely every time.

In Summary

In conclusion, texting your Doordash driver is an effective way to communicate with them quickly and efficiently. Remember, the best time to contact your driver is right when you place your order, or if anything changes with your order. Additionally, take into consideration the brevity of text messages when communicating—try to be clear and concise in your message so that it’s easy for the driver to understand. A little extra effort on your end can go a long way towards ensuring an enjoyable delivery experience! So the next time you order food from Doordash, keep all these tips in mind so you can have a great interaction with your delivery driver.

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